Welcome to my website! I’m Anthony Faustine, a Lead Data Scientist at the Centre of Intelligence Power (CIP) Eaton, Dublin where I develop AI/ML-powered products and services for intelligent power system. With a proven track record of managing and delivering AI projects in both academic and industrial settings, I am passionate about creating and deploying data analytics and AI solutions that address real-world business challenges.

Before joining CIP Eaton, I served as a Senior Industrial Analytics Researcher in Irish Manufacturing (IMR), Dublin, Ireland, where I developed and executed data analytics and AI-based solutions to empower manufacturers located in Ireland to embrace and lead the Industrial 4.0 revolution as early adopters and frontrunners. Prior to that, I began my professional journey as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania, where I contributed to various ICT4D research initiatives spanning from 2012 to 2017.

I later transitioned to IDLab, imec research group, a research group at the University of Ghent in Belgium, where I held the position of a Machine Learning Researcher. Following this, I worked as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Researcher at CeADAR (UCD) in Dublin, between 2020 and 2021, where I focused on creating and deploying data analytics and AI solutions for addressing business challenges.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in computer science and engineering at Further Energy and Environment Research Laboratory (FEELab), at ITI/LARSyS, Técnico Lisboa in Portugal under Prof Nuno Jardim Nunes and Dr. Lucas Pereira supervision. My research focus on the design and developing of robust and scalable machine-learning algorithms for future energy system which high penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Furthermore, I am also enrolled in a Masters progam; MSc In Leadership, Innovation And Technology offered by TU Dublin (Grangegorman Campus) in partnership with Technology Ireland ICT.

I also maintain a repository with resources on learning and applying AI for practical problems. Please feel free to explore my website to learn more about my work, research interests, and academic background.

selected publications

  1. DeepNLMTK
    Unlocking the Full Potential of Neural NILM: On Automation, Hyperparameters and Modular Pipelines
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2022
  2. FPSeq2Q
    FPSeq2Q: Fully Parameterized Sequence to Quantile Regression for Net-Load Forecasting with Uncertainty Estimates
    Faustine, Anthony, and Pereira, Lucas
    IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2022
    Adaptive Weighted Recurrence Graphs for Appliance Recognition in Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
    Faustine, Anthony, Pereira, Lucas, and Klemenjak, Christoph
    IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2021